Essential Survival Gear List










The need to survive is ingrained at birth. In times of struggle people will use any means available to survive or escape an emergency situation. This can be camping, hiking, or facing a world crisis. The need to find food, shelter, and warmth are all, vital parts of survival.

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People such as the military, explorers and hikers have a good background in how to survive unfortunately for us less experienced it can be a daunting prospect. It is important when preparing for emergency situations that you pack the correct equipment needed in order to survive.

Essential Home Survival Gear

The basic essential survival gear list for home should include a good stock of dry and tinned food , a first aid pack, water stored in clean plastic gallon containers, wood/coal for heating, Generator (plus fuel), cooking supplies, toiletries, torches (and batteries) candles, spare clothes, and extra blankets. In extreme circumstances some form of weapon to defend yourself and supplies from outside sources.

Essential Outdoor Survival Gear

The people who are most at risk are those who hike, explore, and camp on a regular basis. Essential survival gear list for outdoors should always include a good basic first aid bag and water purification tablets. Small tool kits, knifes/pocket knifes should also be included in a survival kit as they can be used in hunting for food and building a shelter.
Other essentials are a Compass, map of area, flashlights (and spare batteries) cash, blanket, suitable clothes for time of year and some form of communication device. It is important to remember that although cell phones are a form of communication device, they can not always be relied on especially in areas where there are no cell phone signals available.

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 Other items used often are basic fire starting kits or small camping stoves. These are not essential, but can save you time and energy. Your main priority is food and water so make sure you carry either canned or freeze dried foods, water containers or bottles,(easier to store and carry water), heavy-duty garbage bags because these have a variety of uses i.e shelter, carry water, warmth (inside a sleeping bag).